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michael thomas of home business reviewsJust like many other people, I have always been taught that time was money. Until recently, I believed that the amount of money I made was a direct reflection of the number of hours I invested to the job.

I spent years working for other employers. In 1996, I was fed up with sacrificing my time for another person's gain so I bought a household goods moving company that hauls furniture throughout the continental US. The company became very prosperous. Five years later I started a parking lot striping company. I still currently own these companies and both have proven to be financially successful. Knowing that I want to someday retire and not have to invest so much time to work, I began researching other streams of income. That is when I discovered the most valuable concept I could ever learn, the concept of residual income.

Residual income is income earned on an ongoing basis for an effort done ONCE in the past. The best way to gain residual income would be to CREATE an automated way to achieve an eternal amount of money. With an automated system, I would never have to sacrifice eight hours of my time every day, and I wouldn't have to deal with any employees. Everything would happen from home because my computer would be doing all the work for me. My time would be freed up and I could retire comfortably and vacation as often as I wanted. Unsure of how to create a system, I did a little research. Soon I discovered people have already put together different successful outlets of gaining residual income. If done correctly I could just sign up for an ALREADY FORMED working automated system and watch my wallet explode with money.

Since this discovery, I have spent the last few years and A LOT of money trying to find an Internet home-based business that worked. I have attempted SEVERAL different businesses, none of which made me a substantial amount of money! I was about to give up when I fell upon a system that changed my life. Global Resorts Network was masterfully constructed to achieve immediate residual income! At last a legitimate automated system that any person could understand, and IT WORKS!

Now that I have found financial satisfaction, I am able to share my experiences about other home based businesses. If you're ready to attain your own everlasting money supply, you are researching in the right place. This site is made up of my first-hand honest reviews with NO FAKE HYPE involved. I would never want anyone to go through the same trials I did, so before you pour your money into an Internet business, you should read my reviews to see what you are getting into. I have done my best to be as detailed as possible to save you time. I know how valuable time is and because of my new stream of residual income, I no longer believe that time is money. Now I know, money is time.

A Quick Note About Me:

My name is Michael Thomas and I am the fulltime owner of a household goods moving company that hauls furniture throughout the Continental US, as well as a parking lot striping company. Both businesses are successful to this day and have provided me with the financial backing needed to explore ALL of the home-based businesses on this site.

My interest in finding the ideal Internet business is probably similar to yours. I want to work as little as possible and still make an eternal amount of money. More money for less work just makes sense to me! Finally, I am in a place in my life where I can honestly admit I have made my goal come true!

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