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Auction Profits is a company founded in Utah that provides home-based business services. They market to those who are interested in starting their own Internet auction business but don't know where to get started on their own. Auction Profits claims to be the pioneers of the turnkey concept. "Turnkey" is a phrase used to describe a company that includes everything needed to immediately start running your own business with no additional work required. Auction Profits say it is as easy to get your business started using their services, as it is to "turn a key".

After signing up and paying for their information products, I was disappointed to learn that they are just like all of the other businesses that reap benefits off your online auction successes. They claim they will assist your sales on auction sites, like Ebay, by providing you with exact templates, terminology, niche market information, and business consultants. My question is: who needs a middleman with something as easy as Ebay? Why waste your time and money going through someone else when you can do it yourself much faster?

Auction Profits is an unnecessary investment, unless you are completely computer illiterate, have never navigated your way around an online auction site, and are unwilling to even try. All of the information they provide, you can obtain in a matter of minutes from doing your own online research. Ebay has a Help Page, and that information is free.

I have found that the templates don't really benefit your auction endeavors because they have already saturated the sites, so they are not as eye grabbing as they used to be. The templates ultimately work against you because they are less personal and more commercial. Some people shop though Internet auctions because they like avoiding the commercial feel of retail stores, so having a commercial looking template turns out to be an unattractive marketing ploy.

Hiring an Auction Profits business consultant just means more of your profit goes to someone else's pocket. They usually spend their time trying to sell you additional waste-of-money services anyway. Their business consultants are used as tools for backend sales. The more you buy, the more they bother you.

The only good information I learned from Auction Profits was that the use of pictures is a great way to increase sales. Thumbnail images that have a fast loading time are ideal. The second piece of advice they shared was how important it is to use a 10-day auction, rather than a 7-day, because more people are bidding on the weekend. Lastly, items priced under $100 will always sell faster than expensive products. Aside from those small tidbits of advice, (which I summed up in 3 sentences) my investment with Auction Profits was a waste.


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