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Dave Espino convinces people, through his infomercials, that Auctions for Income will make them rich. Dave claims to have all of the step-by-step instructions written out for anyone to understand.

His package offers information on how drop shipping, liquidation sites, and wholesale merchandise assist people in their Auctions for Income endeavors. He sells his material to hundreds of people each year to get their Auctions for Income launched. Eagar to learn more, I invested.

Instantly I was upset to discover that Dave's material resembled a "how-to guide" on the workings of Ebay. Even more disappointing was the fact that it lacked in informing me how to pick what merchandise to sell. I was new to Dave Espino's theory because I got so caught up in his sales pitch that I bought the home business before having material to sell of my own. This threw me into definite bind. I thought the product idea would be one of the first things the information package would help me develop. I was given the wrong impression through my interpretation of the infomercial. I was left with an endless amount of research to do to discover a product with a quick turnover rate before I could even get started.

Dave Espino's Auctions for Income does not do a thorough job in teaching about taxes and how the income earned from auctions and consignment sales might be taxable unless certain exceptions are met.

Auctions for Income is priced on Dave's infomercial at $39.95 but by the time I got it home it was nearly twice that much with shipping and handling, which is very surprising considering the home business' books are only the size of a child's coloring book.

I made the mistake of giving into an hour-long upsale over the phone that promised to answer all of my questions by providing me with a personal guidance counselor called a PMI coach. My PMI coach ended up charging $2,490.00 to "help me" get my business going. The most he did was tell me about the Federal Tax ID number I needed to get for my business setup to be legally finalized. He tried to charge me for his assistance in obtaining this number, which I declined, because that only takes 5 minutes to acquire online. Overall, he was a horrible investment because he gave me almost no information and weak direction in how to come up with a product to sell.

The longer the Auction Business took for me to get started, the more irritated I became. I realized that the majority of my product choices to drop ship were already saturating Ebay, and required more work then the profit-per-sale would be worth. That is when I ended my investment with Auctions For Income because I wanted something that required less time and made more capital.


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