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Carbon Copy Pro 

With so many marketing gimmicks exploring the depths of the World Wide Web, for gullible victims, it has become really tricky for consumers to actually understand what they want, rather than get motivated to divulge from their hard earned cash.

But why are we talking of this now!

Well, it's because, I felt I should spare some of my time to review one of the most 'revered' internet marketing gimmick everyone have been blabbering about. Yes, I'm talking of Carbon copy pro!


In my honest opinion, Carbon Copy Pro seems to be a pretty sub standard internet marketing system "wrapped" onto a network marketing company which itself lacks credibility of any sort. Though the company founder Jay Kubassek, proclaims to have invested a lot of cash as well as time to perfect this marketing system, it really makes no sense to me that how can a person take 4 years to decide that pricy financial information products will let him rake in the big bucks along with the hundreds of satisfied clients he also alleges to have.

With a string of wannabie super affiliates, pushing Carbon Copy pro like there is no tomorrow, it will certainly hassle most seasoned professionals, to stand clear of it.


The product line of the company mainly comprises of "How to.." guides and manuals with insightful strategies and tricks that assist you to prosper in the arena of internet marketing and strengthen you financial viability in the long term. But what's so exciting and NEW that they are really churning out?

I'm mainly asking this question as the packages being offered by the company are priced sky-high, ranging from $1995 to a whopping $19995! Now that's some serious investment on "How to.." guidebooks!

But it cannot be that bad too! So what are the features which Carbon Copy Pro can certainly boast of? Let's take a quick tour as follows:

Insightful analysis of a wide range of topics
Step by Step marketing guidance from initiation till the closing stage
Financial management guidance
Lead management and much more
The real catch is that, Carbon Copy Pro, promises to serve the consumers best as it has a network base already ready for the consumers to explore, in the form of "Wealth Masters International".

But how much that will help the consumers in terms of achieving profit margins that really motivate them to push themselves to the next level, only time will tell!

In my opinion, with time Carbon Copy Pro will only die down as:

The sizzling effect of its initial marketing scheme cedes off, and
Affiliates get something better and more marketable to push into the far reaches of the World Wide Web.
I may sound too critical of this scheme, but to be very frank, with such exorbitant price-tags, it is pretty difficult to even get the most rusted consumer to accept Carbon Copy Pro.

So just hold on to your hard earned cash, as there are greener pastures out there to explore!


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