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Carlto Sheets ProfileCarlton Sheets has influenced thousands of people into believing his real estate methods will assist them in achieving financial success. He teaches no money down methods and has been pumping the public with his material for over 24 years. His name was especially recognized in the beginning of his career when freelance real estate endeavors where the nation wide craze. Since then he has had numerous knock off writers copy him and has found himself in the midst of a competitive market. He remained one of the more expensive real estate gurus for years, but because of the modern day saturation of the real estate topic, he has recently had to lower his price with the intention of selling more for less.

I ordered Carlton Sheet's material after the price went down to $59.99 from originally costing in the hundreds. I was pretty much unimpressed. His information package consisted of CDs, a workbook, and a DVD. The CDs just wasted my time by making me listen to sales pitches. The workbook was helpful in understanding how to financially break down the actual cost of investing in property but it could have been downloaded from any free real estate site. The DVD took me into a real house and demonstrated how to use the evaluation book to estimate the cost of the repairs needed, just in case I didn't know what a chimney was, and what backed up pluming looked like. My biggest problem was that I could have gotten the same material from a knock-off guru for less money that may have also included the new authors extended perspective.

Carlton Sheets makes up for the newly competitive prices by upselling the consumers on backend sales. Immediately after receiving his products in the mail I was pounded with sales calls from his ruthless telemarketing team that claimed I needed to purchase additional information to fully achieve my real estate riches. Since I was so unmotivated with his thin material, I turned all the offers down. That didn't stop the phone calls and soon I regretted ever purchasing his products in the first place.

His information is only valid if you are interested in buying a house in an area with a down market, flat economy, and high unemployment. Otherwise, forget reading his material completely. You are better off buying cheaper information by different authors so that you can learn more from other people's extensions on the same subject.

Carlton Sheets even started selling "revised" materials to past purchasers that only contained a few minor changes and no new insights. This has made a lot of people upset and has tainted his reputation greatly. In my opinion, Carlton Sheets real estate information career has past its peak and is now plummeting to the ground. There are only so many revisions a person can make on the same subject before it gets beaten to death!


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