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While searching for online business opportunities you must have come across a new venture by Chris Campbell known as Internet Guru College. Before that his Guru Cruise plan achieved tremendous popularity because such ventures are not seen often on the internet. This system offers opportunities to people who want to enter the online marketing business to meet hundreds of successful entrepreneurs from across the globe on a relaxing, 4-day cruise to the Caribbean.

The cruise is for anyone who owns a website and want to generate revenue from it, who has started their own online business but hasn't been able to increase their sales or leads, and who is already earning a lot but still want to learn some new tactics of online business to expand it further. By becoming a part of this cruise you won't have to spend thousands of dollars on other internet marketing courses and systems that are nothing more than time wasters. According to Chris Campbell, most products and services offered by internet gurus out there are totally worthless.

The Internet Guru College, on the other hand, is designed to provide extensive, on-going training to all those who want to start their own home-based business and excel in it. There are webinars and as well as monthly marketing resources to check out and attend. But of course to attend a webinar you have to pay some fee. This is where many people start having doubts about the effectiveness of such programs.

Some people who have had the experience of working under Chris Campbell have reported that his methods and training simply do not work. Why is that? Because not everybody is born with the skill of convincing others to join their league for the purpose of earning money. Would somebody be naove enough to believe that while helping somebody else earn money they would also start off on the road to riches? But definitely Chris Campbell and hundreds of other internet gurus like him had been successful in luring innocent people from across the globe to join their team and help them earn revenue at least for the first time.

It is a known fact that after the failure of Cruise Guru the first time he launched it, Chris Campbell indulged in some other venture and just to promote this new business he started badmouthing Guru Cruise. Some say he also started an illegal business alongside these popular ventures and the authorities caught him. The man has made a herd of enemies because of his untrustworthy nature and bad policies. But he is still making money. Amazing, isn't it?

A lot can be said about such internet gurus but the lesson to learn is: never trust business opportunities and so-called successful internet marketers that promise to make you rich in a few weeks. Most of these systems and training materials contain nothing more than the usual stuff on internet marketing and how to start a successful home-based business. So, you don't really need these things anyway. Trust your own skills and ideas and nothing will come in your way to the road to riches!


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