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Affiliate Programs offer online entrepreneurs, the legitimate answers to fulfill every marketer's dream of maximizing profitability by guarantying optimal results from targeted advertising.

But with the internet slowly becoming a hazard for small time start-up businesses, upon whom can you really lay out your trust?

Well, the safest answer to that is of course, CLICKBANK.


In accordance to Clickbank management's own definition, we may quote:

"Founded in 1998, ClickBank is the Internet's premier retailer for digitally delivered products. From ebooks to software, we offer customers a vast array of digital goods. ClickBank is the pioneer in selling digital products worldwide through the leverage of over 100,000 talented and proven affiliates. We provide a highly secure, scalable, and fraud resistant environment for e-commerce."


The pioneering prospects of utilizing the services of Clickbank, should never be implicitly believed from my words. Rather let us focus on the core features that Clickbank which should enable you to properly analyze whether Clickbank is best suited to your requirements:

- Merchant Account:

Clickbank being a huge web-based marketplace for an array of digital products, allows vendors to trade electronic goods of varied origins and necessities, even without a merchant account

- Affiliate Marketing:

Clickbank also allows affiliates to endorse and advertise these products and earn commissions on the basis of the business revenue they generate. Affiliate signup process is really simple, which attracts a lot of interested parties, onto the Clickbank band wagon.


When you sign up with Clickbank as an affiliate, you get instant access to over 10,000 products from a varied range of usability, which you may promote online to reach a wide base of target audience. And the best thing is that, you can sign up with Clickbank as an affiliate absolutely free!.

What makes it even more worthy for affiliates is that, most Clickbank products offer a bountiful commission. This makes it even more lucrative for the top affiliates to make thousands of dollars each month. The products sold by Clickbank are categorized in accordance to popularity, which certainly guides you in terms of analyzing what products are hot in the market today!

ClickBank products certainly offer very competitive commissions, and some products can boast of offering the highest commissions in relation to any affiliate network. This may mainly be due to the digital products that are sold on Clickbank, which usually do not require additional packaging and manufacturing charges. Affiliate commissions on Clickbank typically exceed 20% and may even go as high as 85%

As an affiliate, engaged with Clickbank for several months now, I have found Clickbank to be a trustworthy company that punctually sends commission based pay-checks every fortnight.


With thousands of affiliates associated with Clickbank, it will certainly make a lot of sense whence you wish to sell your digital goodies by means of Clickbank. Only a few clicks will give you the command of an efficient affiliate sales force!

At a meager one-time fee of around $50, you can set up an account to sell a digital product on ClickBank.

Any business entrepreneur who owns a website or is thinking of setting upo an online business can benefit greatly by setting up a ClickBank portfolio and promoting digital products. I can safely say that having a Clickbank account can be very rewarding if used efficiently as it will open up a wide consumer base to explore the viability of your product offerings.


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