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Are you fed up with scammers on the internet that only waste your time and money? Want a real income system? Then go and have a look at Commission Blueprint which is a real money making system that uses affiliate marketing and combines the power of adwords with Clickbank. It is not like other products that make many claims to make you rich in a short time and get the initial charges from you and then give you no work to earn. So you don’t have to worry now because you have this great product for making good money online.

A product of Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton; Commission Blueprint has won the hearts of people who want to make real money over the internet. The authors don’t have big names in the world of internet business but after launching this product that has really worked they have got a good repute in the market. And they have earned more than $500,000 Clickbank commissions over the period of seven months by promoting non interest marketing products. 


Commission Blueprint Course

Commission Blueprint includes 14 videos containing technical material, five PDFs and three e-books that provide detailed instructions about how to start earning affiliate profits. They charge you $97 for the package and then, at your option, $67 per month for their membership site that keeps giving you more training and also offers some samples and templates for marketing campaigns. 

Steve has described the working of this product in detail through videos and also tells us about his own experience of earning a good income by using Commission Blueprint. The product is well documented and the material is well organized. The videos are quite informative and interesting.

The 14 videos include;

  • Introduction & Welcome
  • How To Use This Program
  • Picking Profitable & High Converting Products
  • In Depth Keyword Research & Advanced Tools (3 Videos)
  • Domain Name Secrets & Hosting Set Up
  • Creating Your Story – The Essential Component
  • Setting Up Your Landing Pages For Maximum Conversions
  • Setting Up Your Campaign
  • Managing Your Campaign (2 Videos)
  • Picking A Winner And Milking It
  • Scaling For Profit – Step From $100’s To $1000’s In Profit (2 Videos)
  • What Can Go Wrong & How To Fix It Fast
  • Cash Flow $ Business Management
  • Wrap Up

The videos have a good amount of detail for the beginners. Anyone who wants to earn profits through affiliate sales business should try Commission Blueprint which is an excellent product by Tim and Steve. 

With the help of guidelines provided by the authors it becomes very easy to research, select top sellers, and find keywords that provide good conversions. It also describes how to create impressive templates and how to maximize your profits. It helps you in buying cheap clicks and to get good conversion rates and also helps you in improving your score.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional marketer it is the right option for you to set up or improve your online business. This is a very simple product that anyone can use and benefit from. It is a high ranked product that gets 8 out of ten. It includes comprehensive material that gives you all the instructions step by step and also provides a member area where you can chat to get good tips from each other and share your experiences. Commission Blueprint is a complete package of affiliate marketing tools & training with the help of which you can amplify your profits.


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