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Double Payment System

The Double Payment System is a technique invented by Jason Ryan Isaksen in which he promises his clients that they can become rich even if they don't have a website and even if they fail with the system. He claims that he can reveal his secret to show that he really is sincere with his clients. The system or technique is simple: you buy a book from Jason, read it (even if you don't feel like doing it) and then use the products that come with it to start your own home-based internet business. One of the major products that you get along with the book is your own personal website which will be used as a revenue generator.

By spending only $19.95 on the Double Payment System, you get your hands on the untold secrets of internet marketing. No more frustrating lies and untrue success stories which are invented by internet gurus to attract customers. The system sounds like any other get-rich-quick schemes, with the only difference that the guru in this case is ready to give back your money if the system fails to work for you. You can get a complete refund if you are not satisfied with the technique or if it's to much of a headache for you.

According to Jason, his system is a very "unusual" one. He claims that making money online is not a difficult task at all and anyone can do it as long as they are willing to invest in some books and products that assist you during your quest. The book you buy will not only tell you all the secrets of getting rich overnight but will also provide you with a website. You wouldn't need to do any kind of development, marketing or promotion. The site will bring its own visitors who would all be potential customers. It really does sound like magic, doesn't it?

Another benefit offered at the Double Payment is the free bonus products which you will receive with your product. These bonuses are worth $465 and you get them totally free! According to Jason, many internet gurus do not give out any contact information, email or telephone number, simply because they are scam. But he has taken a bold step by offering his phone number as well as email address so that you can ask as many questions as you want before ordering his system or product.

There are many websites now active which are called "resellers" of the Double Payment System, probably owned by people who bought this book. But those who have had the experience of doing business with any one of these sites have given negative feedback and say they are all rip-offs. Some people say the book contains nothing but a sales letter which promotes another one of Jason's products worth $600.

Anyway, the right way to do business online is not to trust such internet gurus who have developed systems like the Double Payment System because the only ones who get double payment are probably the gurus themselves. That's why they have been called the gurus, right?


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