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Among the 2-up online money-making systems, EDC Gold is quite popular. It was introduced by two successful entrepreneurs Craig Garcia and Mike Corcoran. According to them, getting the right sponsor is the key to be successful on the internet. The program offers a number of e-books and software products which you can sell through your own site and after obtaining step by step training from your mentor. They also provide the Online Millionaire Maker Training System, absolutely free of charge. You can earn $1000, $1500 and $400 commissions on your sales generated through this system.

According to EDC Gold, their members are earning a 6-figure income through their program. But you first need to buy their collection of e-books worth a few hundred dollars which in my opinion is quite a lot. By spending so much on some products that are of no value to other people, you are only buying the resale rights to advertise this business opportunity and not the products. If your mentors are so sincere with you, why would they pocket your first two hard-earned sales? If they have already built a money generating system through their marketing strategy, why would they need other people help them make money?

In case you are wondering, EDC in EDC Gold stands for Easy Daily Cash. The system offers three levels of joining: EDC Diamond, Gold, and Easy Daily Cash. In addition to the commissions you receive through your own sales, you can also earn $500, $250 and $100 from the sales generated by your team members. According to the founders, there is no simpler and more automated way to make money on the internet. But keep in mind that it’s not a magical formula, although it sure does sound like one. You still need to market the products effectively and sell them to your prospects to start earning.

If you search for this program on the internet you will see that they are not even listed on the top in popular search engines. Instead the people who have joined their team as newbies are doing a better job of selling the opportunity. Of course they have spent thousands of dollars to get started, why not spend a few hundred dollars more to be listed on top? If you really want to start earning on the internet, I would advise you not to fall prey to these useless programs.

Why do people join programs like EDC Gold? Because in addition to digital products they also provide marketing training to succeed on this road and get ahead of your competitors. But the unique thing about this program is that you have to compete with your own sponsors. Now this is tricky. If your sponsors are your competitors, why would they give you their marketing tips? If you already know the ins and outs of internet businesses, you might succeed on your own without needing any help from the mentors. But if you are new in this field, it is advisable to search for more affordable opportunities available on the internet.


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