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Elite Activity is adamant about being called an investment or a club. They refuse to be identified as a company. Elite Activity advertises that they are making a "philosophy into a lifestyle". This kind of fancy wording attracts starry-eyed visitors to their site and has people talking.

One of the first things I noticed was how diligent the club was about insisting that their activity was legal. So much so, I became skeptical about their whole philosophy. After reading exactly how Elite Activity works I have come to the conclusion that the club is a pyramid scheme of sharing gifts, and by "gifts" I mean money! The Federal Trade Commission has always been against this kind of exchange and has even made it illegal. Elite Activity has managed to skim by the law by remaining untouched because they point out how "it has always been legal to give" for American and Canadian citizens.

How it works is simple. Each member of Elite Activity is strongly urged to give a monetary gift to a selected participant. They have to get at least one accepted invitee to do the same before they can receive any gifts, and two accepted invitees before moving up in the scheme. The catch is you are only selected to be a member if you agree to the gift giving terms and pay the initial membership dues. To me, that's not entirely giving freely! There is an obvious system that assures a payout!

The participants in Elite Activity insist their motivation is to lead an abundant life through giving freely to other human beings with no intent of receiving anything in return. They dance around the law with this claim by including a statement with the gift that gives rights to the money released. This statement has been Elite Activity's strongest tool in avoiding legal interjection. With money, selflessness is exceptionally rare. Elite Activity uses their charity babble to justify their intensions but I think the whole system is set up to guarantee a gift in return so the pure-motive talk is all a front!

It is up to you whether you want to invest in this type of pyramid scheme or not. Just like most of the others, you have to do all of the recruiting yourself, so that means you should feel comfortable pressuring and annoying your friends into joining. You are expected to give your gift right away, but it can take a while to start receiving your own money in return.

You can take a risk and sign up with Elite Activity but I still think that all of the convincing they have to do to stay legal is only running them on temporary allowance and that they are on the brink of getting shut down. Elite Activity's whole structure is a manipulative way to give, get, and not have to claim any legal responsibility. The worst-case scenario would be if the whole system closed after you've given your gifts to people and it happened before you ever received anything from anyone else.


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