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Epower and Profits is an elaborate online auction business that dupes thousands of people into investing with them every year. Epower and Profit's services assist eBay auctioneers by providing them with suggestive marketing material and bulk products to sell.

When I signed up for Epower and Profits I was especially excited to hear they would give me products at warehouse cost. All of the products were promised to be in-demand so I wouldn't have a problem selling anything. That meant I would be able to have a constant flow of materials for sale at decent prices since I received the products for so cheap. I was guaranteed profit on every sale once the bidding really took off. The best part was that Epower and Profits gave their first month's auction service for free.

I was left unaware that the $34.95 was charged monthly from my account. That was the first clue of many that Epower and Profits were not the kind of company they fronted themselves to be. If I were only made aware of the monthly charge beforehand, I probably still would have signed up with them, but since I had to find out myself through my bank account transactions, I was pretty upset.

The first thing promised to me after signing up was access to their high margin website. From there I was supposed to choose the products I wanted drop shipped to my house so I could auction them on eBay. I noticed right away that the prices of some common products couldn't possibly be right! The site posted the price I would be paying at wholesale discount, and the price it was currently selling for on eBay. The posted wholesale prices seemed really high! After doing some research I found that they were in fact lying about the actual wholesale prices! They were making them more expensive than they would actually cost straight from the wholesaler warehouse website. That only made me skeptical that the current selling price was also incorrect.

The third major disappointment I ran across was the template they offered. They stated that their templates really captured the eye of the consumer and helped the ultimate sale of the product. Other Epower and Profits members already displayed the same template all over eBay so there was nothing unique about it. By identifying the same template everywhere, I suddenly realized how many other people were selling the same products as well. All of the Epower and Profits' members were competing against each other and resulting in lower selling prices.

Before receiving any product shipments from Epower and Profits I canceled my drop ship order because I knew I would not be making the kind of profit that was worth the time input. It still took me 3 months to realize I was getting charged monthly for the membership but at least I didn't get stuck with hundreds of oversold products filling my living room!

If you want to sign up with Epower and Profits, go ahead. I just don't advise it. Be wary of the monthly charge and high competition. Have enough space for bulk products and be prepared for smaller profit margins than they promise.


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