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Ewen Chia PortraitPeople are skeptical about the get-rich plans offered by internet gurus nowadays and because of good, solid reasons. It’s true that most of these plans are a scam, but some of them do work if followed carefully. Ewen Chia is an affiliate marketer who is famous for his online marketing guides and strategies offered to newbies. According to Ewen, anyone who is dedicated to making money on the internet can become financially independent in a short span of time. His systems are for beginners who have recently entered the scene of online marketing and are loaded with effective internet marketing tips and strategies.   

The ebook written by Ewen Chia on the topic of how to be successful through online marketing is helpful – but only for newbies. The information contained in the book might be useful for those who have no idea about internet money-making ventures. If you are experienced in the field of online marketing, you would know that there are no set rules for setting up an effective marketing campaign and you learn through trial and error. All the tips offered by Ewen can be viewed as a summary of the strategies you already know. The book is available for $27 which is reasonable and the newcomers will have plenty of new things to learn from the course.

Ewen also offers other products like Working from Home, Secret Affiliate Weapon, No Sales System, Autopilot Profits, Internet Wealth System, Newbie Cash Machine, and My Free Website Builder. For those who want to quit their day time job and start earning through a home-based internet business, Ewen might have a lot of helpful tips to offer. It’s true that some people learn on their own and do not need any kind of assistance or training to achieve their goals. But if you want to start earning quickly, then spending a few bucks on such training programs wouldn’t do any harm, particularly if you are learning from a person who himself is a seasoned affiliate marketer. 

All his systems are reasonably priced, which adds to his credibility and sincerity towards his customers and students. It’s also true that none of the experienced people offer their advice for free. And there are very few internet gurus who do not ask you to buy their additional products just because you happened to fall in their trap once. Ewen Chia makes no such request and only offers products in some specific areas. Despite all these positive attributes, the man has received his share of criticism.

Ewen claims that you don’t need to search for a great product to sell, you don’t need a technically beautiful website, and you don’t need an innovative business idea to start earning from home. But is it really possible to do online business without any of these things? Sounds a bit too good to be true. Ewen Chia guarantees that his system is actually useful and if you are not satisfied with the product he will refund your money. You may want to check out his products if you are convinced but don’t think his tips will make you rich overnight.


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