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There are many ways to supplement your income like; investing in stocks, keeping your money in banks or other opportunities provided by the internet that include data entry, attracting more visitors to your site to earn money, internet marketing and sales and many other ways. Google Money Tree is also one of these supplements. Google Money Tree is an affiliate program to increase your networks and earn money. However, one drawback is Google Money Tree is considered to be the biggest scam on the internet.

You will definitely not want to get ripped off by those fake and fraudulent online businesses that claim to make you rich by working from home. Google Money Tree is also one of these fake sites who attract people and charge them for admission and fool people by charging again and again for no reason. Some charges are said to be monthly fees and others are fines or penalties either for not calling them or for cancelling your account. They charge you and make different excuses which is all just a way to deceit you.

I have never met anyone who is making good use of Google Money Tree and earning money. But YES they may give you $10 or $20 after a few months which is definitely not worth your time and hard work. You will find a lot of ads for Google Money Tree on the internet and no doubt their ads are very attractive and catchy but are useless. I don’t feel reluctant in saying that this online business opportunity is just another scam and nothing else. Many people have become victims of these fake internet business opportunities for making online money. They trap you by making attractive advertisements and by offering you discounts and money back guarantees and then they vanish.

We all want to increase our residual income to fulfill the wishes of our family. No one hesitates to work more to earn more and nowadays internet has provided us with plenty of opportunities to work from home and earn extra money. But unfortunately some people are misusing the internet by offering deceitful programs just to fill their own pockets. I have heard a lot of people who are complaining about their losses after using Google Money Tree. All the reviews about Google Money Tree are full of negative statements despite the fact that Google has a big name in the internet business.
People who have used Google Money Tree usually have the same complaints. They say that they tell you they are going to charge you $3.88 for information, but what they really do is charge you $72 and you don't get the information in the form of a diskette until it is too late to cancel. People want authentic and useful programs to earn money easily by sitting at home and they don’t want to lose their earning and efforts on these fake programs.

Google should find new ways to help people in making money online as it has a good reputation over the internet for providing different programs and opportunities to people so that they can earn money easily.


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