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IntelliBiz is a nonprofit real estate solution company that offers extensive money making methods. They are advertised as the alternative course to Carlton Sheets material. IntelliBiz offers no money down real estate tactics, advice about debt reduction, how to improve your credit score, and tax deductions.

The most credible part about IntelliBiz is that none of the employees get paid to work for their services. They all donate their time and good advice for the sake of educating interested real estate entrepreneurs. Even the website designer donates his skills. IntelliBiz was created to truly further people's investment education.

Their site is definitely worth checking out. There is some good advice for all skill levels but A Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate is especially beneficial if you are new to this kind of business. I found some excellent advice in the material and have referred back to it many times.

Aside from educating the public, the only benefit I see in it for the gurus is name recognition. It helps the experts get known and increases the amount of traffic they bring to their own sites. I became familiar with several real estate visionaries through their affiliation with IntelliBiz.

A Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate was written by Bill Vaughn and has since become a bestseller. Bill Vaughn is the center of IntelliBiz as he is the largest contributor of real estate information. He had been in the business since 1969 so he had seen nearly every scenario. He identifies how to apply different investment abilities to the most profitable real estate opportunities. He came up with IntelliBiz years before late night infomercials for flipping homes were the trend. Maybe the rich roots in the company are what is keeping them nonprofit, but whatever the real reason, I'm grateful for the free information. IntelliBiz explains how it is possible to earn five thousand dollars within two weeks of starting out. You can do this with no money down and by handling-of-pocket expenses. IntelliBiz advocates owning homes without owing a thing, while still making a six-figure income in the process.

My favorite part about IntelliBiz is the free mentoring that is available to anyone in need. There is also a great selection of software with unlimited updates. They have never been reported to the BBB so I know their information is legitimate and worthy of review.

I strongly urge you to research IntelliBiz 's Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate. I agree with the concept of free education and admire Bill Vaughn for setting up this nonprofit outlet for learning.


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