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Before you even consider checking out The Internet Treasure Chest you should know that they got into some serious trouble with the FTC in May 2003.

The FTC determined that The Internet Treasure Chest was making false claims about their membership fee as well as their income guarantee. They avowed that there was only a one-time charge of $59.95. They even said that people were able to make $200,000 per year! Both statements were deemed false in court. Consumers testified that they were cornered after the initial investment and told the only way to obtain the gain they sought was to pay additional fees. The only feedback anyone got after following through with the home-based business requirements were an irritating mess of sales calls and spam. No money! No profit! At the request of the FTC, Judge David C. Godbey of the U.S. District Court, Dallas Division, had issued a restraining order that prevents the makers of The Internet Treasure Chest from misleading the public about startup costs and income promises.

The Internet Treasure Chest gained its reputation by showing late night infomercials that promised a plethora of plenty. Most critical reports about this unethical business affirm that there was no profit gained by the purchaser no matter how much they committed. During the signup process they also misguided people into agreeing to pay for the extra fees. Those who made this mistake where billed every month until they were able to catch and cancel it.

The material The Internet Treasure Chest provides is very insubstantial and not worth the price. It comes complete with books filled with commonsense and basic Internet marketing knowledge. Anybody could probably learn the same information online by doing basic research. The money-back guarantee wasn't even legitimate! The infomercials promised a 30-day time frame in which the money could be returned if the customer was unsatisfied but it was never mentioned that the guarantee only applied to people who paid the extra amount for immediate delivery.

The Internet Treasure Chest is a waste of time and the FTC pretty much makes that clear. Hundreds of people are still complaining about how badly they got ripped off in their investment of The Internet Treasure Chest. Although they are no longer allowed to advertise freely in their infomercials, I do not understand how they still have operational websites. People are still investing with them despite the exposure of their ill practices! I strongly advise against becoming one of those blind investors!


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