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Jay Abraham

Forbes Magazine listed Jay Abraham as one of the top executive coaches in the country in March 2000 pronouncing his forte is, "Turning corporate under-performers into marketing and sales whizzes." He advocates "multiple income streams" while facilitating exceptional judgment, collaboration skills, and communication.

Jay Abraham is a marketing genius and superb sales person. His reputation marks him as "#1 Marketing Wizard" in America. He brags that he has successfully increased the bottom lines of more than 400 companies worldwide. Although I don't know how he gets such a specific number, I do believe that his business advice never goes ignored. Jay identifies patterns that restrict and limit business growth. He uses his performance techniques to enhance others' businesses while maximizing their profits. Jay claims to have over 10,000 business success stories from around the world. He is truly impressive.

I completely admire Jay's uncanny ability to distinguish overlooked opportunities, hidden assets, and expand on underdeveloped possibilities. He has mastered performance enhancement through his intellectual use of strategy, innovation, marketing, and management.

If your company is seeking guidance, Jay Abraham may possibly the best investment you can make (if you can afford him). He will give you specific techniques on how to maximize your profit. Thousands of marketing consultants learn from Jay's teachings and credit him for their success. He is an exceptional leader who approaches business with vigor and a vision. As a speaker, he will draw you in and fill you up with the encouragement and motivation required for you to elaborate on your current venture.

Be advised his words of wisdom do not come cheap. Some of his material is over $5,000! He has blogs, newsletters, videos, pamphlets, seminars, and online tutorials. I don't know of anyone who has gotten him to personally assess his or her business, but if this is what you want him to do, be ready to pony up the dough! Let's face it; he is expensive because he can. He knows his stuff and his reputation allows him to be one of the highest paid gurus out there. No matter what kind of material you choose to invest in, keep in mind the amount of money his advice will make you! Although most people believe you should never spend more than 20% of your money on marketing, Jay Abraham might be the exception.

Considering his peak was in 2000 and still no one is bad talking his advice, I know he is legitimate and admirable. There are no complaints of him charging for misleading information, and he has never made someone's company crash. He has success written all over him. Overall, Jay is a worthy investment. If you have the means, the payoff will give you a sweet reward.


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