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Jeff Paul is an infomercial celebrity who sells get-rich-quick programs to anyone who will buy them. His most recognizable information packages are called Shortcuts To Internet Millions Making Money In Your Underwear, Three Clicks to Cash, and Mentoring of American Products.

For some unknown reason, one of his infomercials appealed to me one night. I called his hotline number and ordered Making Money In Your Underwear. In his TV ad he spoke as if I had nothing to loose in just trying his product. It was only $39.95/month and it was supposed to serve as way I could make money from home by following his simple steps. If I didn't like the material I could just return it in 30 days and get my money back.

Anxiously I waited for the package. It took over a week to get delivered and by the time I reviewed the material, my 30 days was almost over. I was disappointed about how thin the information was and how his products were all lacking in advice about how to obtain an eternal lucrative stream of income. His package material basically sales pitched me into calling the attached business number for more information. Once on the phone, Jeff Paul's employees were just trying to upsell me more junk. The investment amount ranged from $5,000-$15,000 for their various services and products. I tried to cancel the subscription and get my money back as promised. The person on the other line told me I needed to send an email to cancel. I followed her instruction but never received a reply. Over time I found my credit card was still being charged even after I sent the material back. When I attempted to contact them for answers they seemed to be completely unreachable. I got autoresponded emails stating Jeff Paul never received any cancellation notes from me. I was so far in over my head with payments on a product I didn't even have in my possession anymore that I had to cancel my credit card.

It was during this process that I learned about all of the other complaints consumers have made on Jeff Paul. Apparently he has been reported to the Better Business Bureau 29 times in the last 12 months! Most people were dissatisfied for the same reasons I was. He made it too difficult for people to contact him and his 30-day money back guarantee seemed to be fraudulent.

Next time you get sucked into watching infomercials late at night, make sure the person you are listening to is not Jeff Paul. He has proven to be a bad investment choice for me and at least 29 others! The best advice I can give is to just keep flipping through the channels. Don't fall for his garbage.


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