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John Beck's name is familiar to thousands as the man responsible for drowning them in debt. He is an excellent salesman whose reputation began on late night infomercials. His words appeal to eager-minded entrepreneurs who want to learn how to buy tax delinquent homes for pennies, flip them, and become rich in the resell. He sells himself as an expert by revealing his M.B.A.'s in Taxation and Real Estate, as well as his extensive experience as a real estate broker, syndicator, and real estate consultant.

A few years ago I landed on his infomercial. The thing about him that grabbed my attention was his current livelihood was an attorney that deals with real estate matters and foreclosures. His information package was selling for merely $39.95, so I gave it a shot. I gave my credit card number and waited days for the package to arrive. I received a phone call from a "coach" who spent 45 minutes trying to upsell me more products and charge me for his services. He asked me personal information like how much credit I had on my credit cards, what my credit score was, and how much I was currently making as income. He claimed his questions were to help assist his coaching. He really wanted to know the maximum amount he could charge me for his services. I declined everything he had to offer and was upset that nothing was even happening yet with my new real estate endeavors and already I was being roped into spending more money!

My skepticism set in and I researched John Beck's Free and Clear Real Estate riches program. Turns out there were thousands of complaints already made on the John Beck business calling it unethical and a scam! Some even stated that the coach was charging them "$14,000.00" for two phone calls a month claiming to be a mentoring service! People were irate that the $39.94 fee was charged monthly, instead of the implied one time membership fee.

Immediately, I called to cancel my order. It took me 15 days to try to get a hold of customer service. Everything was automated and nearly impossible to get through to a real person. The money back guarantee was not honored by that time so I had to loose my investment fee. I have read of some cases where people had to go so far as to change their credit card number so they wouldn't be charged monthly anymore.

John Beck's information consisted of a pamphlet of condensed salesmanship and a DVD that resembled the infomercial. I could have learned all of his information in a matter of hours for free online. Over 80% of the links in John Beck's package didn't work because his information was outdated! John Beck failed to explain that in some Counties or States you have a waiting period where the former owner still has access to the property. In several states you are required to wait 2 years before you can legally resell the property even after you pay back taxes.

John Beck's Property Vault is an online resource that is supposed to be filled with photos of houses available to buy in your area. When you sign up for his material he says you get access to this vault for free the first 30 days. The Property Vault is an affiliate deal John Beck shares with TaxLiens. Once you land on the entrance page you find that you have to pay-per-county you are searching. The charges range from $5.00-400.00 to see the photos.

After suffering through John Beck's get-rich-quick through real estate garbage, I am warning you to stay away! He has more complaints about him than any other guru I know of! It surprises me that he has not been exposed in the courts yet. I have wasted more time and money than it would have cost me to teach myself his advice. His business practice misleads people out of their dollars.


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