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LifePath Unlimited LogoWho doesn’t want to be successful in life? People look around for personal development products to change their individual, financial and social lives forever. By changing their habits and perspective on life, they can achieve their goals and be victorious. LifePath Unlimited or LPU is a company that offers a variety of self-help products that can change anyone’s life. LPU also offers a home-based business opportunity for those who want to start their own profitable internet business. According to them anyone can start earning a 6-figure income by becoming a member with LifePath Unlimited. There is very little risk involved and the benefits are unlimited.

LifePath Unlimited has received five star rating and is quite popular among their customers. LPU provides a direct sales business opportunity which is rarely found in today’s business prospects. The products are available in the form of DVD packages and online movies. You can also view a short clip online totally free of charge to get an idea of what it contains. The Awakening by LPU is a breakthrough product which can be used to discover the secrets of success and to bring about a positive change in your life. Their other products are equally popular and very uplifting. These include the Discovery Series and the Breakthrough products.

To join LifePath Unlimited as a marketer, you have to pay an associate fee of $49. Once you become an associate you can start referring the products offered by LPU to your customers. After completing 5 sales of the Breakthrough and Destiny products you receive the authorized status. You don’t even have to buy the products yourself before you start earning. It’s not like those popular 1-up or 2-up compensation plans which cost thousands of dollars. The associate is eligible to receive $1,000 profit on each of their sales starting from the very first sale.

LifePath Unlimited products bring together the brilliance and knowledge of 14 world-class teachers in the context of personal development. The Discovery home study program spans over 56 days. They offer a money-back guarantee on their products, so if you are not satisfied after 56 days you can have your money back. This is yet another attractive feature of this home-based business opportunity. You can earn $1,000, $5,000 and $9,000 profits on these three products. The Breakthrough is the most expensive of their products and includes a four-day and three-night personal development session at an exclusive resort.

The Breakthrough is available for only $8,995 excluding airfare. You will be participating in many exciting activities in addition to being a part of FireWalk and Black Tie dinner. Some of the guiding luminaries at LifePath Unlimited include Patrick Combs, Shane Ellison, Erica Combs, Coleman Fisher, and Janet Atwood. If you want to be a part of a unique and refreshing online business opportunity, then do check it out. Although there is no guarantee of success, you can still learn a lot by seeing their personal development videos and tutorials. For those who are sick of their monotonous routine life and want to start something new, LifePath Unlimited can be an excellent opportunity.


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