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Madison Dynamics utilizes a multi-level-marketing strategy that does such a good job at its sales pitch that they are actually able to sell themselves without telling anyone what the product is. Madison Dynamics hypes people into believing that their product will make them rich. They take advantage of consumers' curiosity and only expose what the products and services are after they receive money.

Just like hundreds of other people, I spent nearly an hour on their opt-in page trying to decide if it was worth it to sign up. They gave me no information on what was expected of me to get my home business started, but I didn't want to loose sleep wondering, so I just took the chance. After signing up for Madison Dynamics, I found that they were just like any other MLM company that takes your membership fee and explains how you need to copy their "secrecy" method of recruiting to rout more members to them. They vow to pay you for every referral you can dupe into signing up.

The only good product they offered to assist my hook site was called "Get Response". The "Get Response" program made it possible for me to set up a site, intended to hook in interested entrepreneurs, and rout them to Madison Dynamics' page without having to respond to any inquires. "Get Response" helped me create auto responses so my page would work even when I wasn't there to reply to people. Nothing was cheap, however. I had to pay for the initial membership fee, the "Get Response" program, a domain name, and web page design software to make my hook site. It took forever to get started.

Although Madison Dynamics did make me a little bit of money from referral sign ups (months later), I never broke even on my initial investment fees. Every time I logged on the Madison Dynamics' site I would be pressured into buying more services. They seemed to know exactly what kind of interests I had and I became a bit skeptical about how they obtained their information.

I soon found out that they were using my tracking cookies to identify what websites I spent most of my time looking up. They knew what kind of airline tickets I had been searching, and even the most recent driving directions I had looked up. They would try and sell me relevant information to my interests. Instead of being impressed, I felt like they were invading my privacy. They get away with this method of marketing by having you sign their small print agreement at the time of sign up.

Madison Dynamics claims they never sell your information, but I am still upset that they use my tracking cookies to make themselves a sale! My email gets flooded out every week from them. They try and push new deals claiming that the "deal expires in a matter of seconds before you never get another chance!" Their use of spam advertising drives me nuts and I totally regret joining with them! I lost money and gained spam by investing with Madison Dynamics!


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