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Market America is a worldwide Product Brokerage and Internet Marketing company, specializing in One to One Marketing and Mass Customization. They sell health, nutrition, and beauty products, all self modified by contributing customers.

Market America appeals to its customers by providing them with an outlet to get their own products tailored and sold to the public. As Product Brokers, they thrive to meet the consumers' demands by seeking out product suppliers, instead of making people turn to expensive manufactures. As Internet Marketers, they teach the use of direct sales. By doing Mass Customization, Market America provides the opportunity for customized products to be assembled in large amounts for cost efficiency.

Rumor has it, Market America guarantees its investors $50,000 a year to work for them. I find this to be a bold statement and have yet to hear of it being true. They like to call their structure the "Unfranchise Business System." Market America 's distribution system is elaborately designed for the distributors to recruit, train, and manage two sales organizations. This relationship is contracted and the members in the sales organizations become "independent distributors." The duty of the independent distributor is to recruit more salesmen while selling the customized products. Each new member of this scheme becomes part of a downline. The initial independent distributor receives sales commissions on products they sell, as well as other members on the downline sell.

Market America is just another glorified pyramid scheme. The biggest difference between Market America and other schemes is that the products are not all commercial and over used. They are actually unique and individual. In any case, direct sales are hard, whether it be face-to-face, over the phone, or direct online communication. The recruiting is a long and tedious process, and selling is all hit-and-miss.

If you want to work for Market America you have to be comfortable annoying your friends and family into purchasing the product you are selling. Good luck even finding your first two sales teams to create your own downline! How many people do you know want to give up their current jobs to pose as your salesman when you haven't even established income yet? The whole process takes a lot of work and requires far too much time investment before any profit is made. I advise sticking with automated systems that do all of the work for you. That way you don't even have to be present to make money.


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