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Mark Joyner is author to the best-selling book titled " - How Everyday People are Using Forbidden Mind Control Psychology and Ruthless Military Tactics to Make Millions Online". In this book he uses funny illustrations to show people how mind control psychology can be exploited to get innocent people to buy your products, services or systems and to be successful on the internet. You will actually get to see examples from the military and creepy cartoon illustrations in the book to properly learn your "marketing" lessons.

Mark Joyner has written many other books as well which have been translated in a lot of languages. He is quite popular among people who like hiswriting style probably? But for those who are looking for serious marketing tips or useful online business strategies, here's a warning: the book "Mind Control Marketing" does not contain anything you wouldn't be able to find somewhere else. It might be interesting to know that Mark Joyner has been called the Godfather of Internet Marketing.

According to the author, the tips and tricks described by him in his book can be used by anyone who wants to convert their website into a money-making machine. Since he is also actively involved in e-commerce, he shows ways to use human psychology, which definitely is very complex, to turn your visitors into potential customers. This means he himself had been, at some point in his life, a victim of those who sell their stuff by using such bizarre techniques.

Mind control marketing can also be linked with subliminal advertising. In many parts of the world this kind of advertising has been banned because it targets the subconscious mind and lures people into buying certain products which they otherwise wouldn't think of buying. You can also say that controlling minds psychologically is illegal. Would you like to be involved in something which is against the law as well as ethically wrong?

However, the book can be helpful in spreading awareness among people about this type of treachery. You can read it to gain knowledge about the attractive images, sales messages and many other tactics some people use to sell their products. The book was primarily written to attract internet marketers and therefore it contains plenty of examples where you can picture yourself as a customer and then decide whether you need such a product or not.

Other popular books written by Mark Joyner include Search Engine Tactics, The Irresistible Offer, and The Great Formula. You can also check out his famous blog and his event calendar. Another attractive resource offered by Mark Joyner contains information about Integration Marketing which is a new technique to increase sales and leads. This strategy is for anyone who owns an online business and wants to expand it. If you are looking for some interesting books to read on internet marketing, check these books out.

By the way it would be worth mentioning here that Mark Joyner is a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and was a former U.S. Army Officer.


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