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Matt Bacak, owner of Frontier Marketing International Inc. and known as "The Powerful Promoter" is a high-end Internet marketing leader. Everyone from independent entrepreneurs to the Fortune 500 regularly seek Matt Bacak's advice.

Matt turns common authors, speakers, and wannabe experts into true overnight success stories. Matt charges a lot for his services but he is an expert in his profession and his down to earth approach makes him easy to understand. His cheapest deal is $197 for his package of 5 CDs, which are basically a recording off one of his seminars. His more detailed information can range as high as $5,500 depending on how much material you are requesting. He teaches "You don't have to get it right, you just have to make it happen." Matt Bacak doesn't fluff the facts but he does train his listeners to think like millionaires.

I never heard of Matt Bacak before his genius marking ploy in December of 05' when he wrote a book called The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan that identified one of the top challenges all businesses have: how to get leads and traffic to their website. Matt gave 100% of his royalties to Habitat For Humanity to contribute to the rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. He gained over 10 million subscribers and Matt's generosity had his name exploding on the airwaves and media with positive reviews calling him a "passionate philanthropist that focuses on raising money for causes that change the world for people who need it most." He was only 29 years old at the time and already had his life moving in the direction I was interested in. His tactic of making his name known was so admirable and successful that I knew his advice was worth listening to.

Matt Bacak is an expensive but worthy Internet marketing teacher. He lives what he teaches and is walking evidence that his methods work. If you have the capital to afford Matt Bacak's seminar then I defiantly suggest you prepare yourself for some of the most valuable life-changing information you may ever learn.

If you do not have enough to invest in his expensive seminars you should at least check out his website. He gives away valuable free advice on ways to increase your capital. His conversational tone is easy to follow while remaining detailed enough to teach you some valuable tips. Matt Bacak is an advocate of "squeeze pages,' otherwise known as opt-in pages, which require interested consumers to give their name and email address before entering your site. He explains the importance of auto responsive emails and which structures will give you the most profitable outcomes. All of these suggestions are free on his site so you loose nothing in skimming through his material. I really like how specific he is and believe he is a worthy investment for any entrepreneur.


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