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Mike Filsaime is a professional copycat. He insists that there is no need to formulate your own technique for selling on the Internet when you can simply copy the methods of all-ready-successful Internet marketing gurus.

His big emphasis is to utilize viral marketing. Basically, viral marketing is a way for you to promote your business without having to proactively do the work yourself. If done correctly, it will promote itself through automated methods and your business awareness will "spread like a virus" so there is no ongoing marketing cost. He calls his own version of this concept Butterfly Marketing. Mike sells his comprehensive training course that teaches how to duplicate preexisting money making strategies through the use of viral marketing to enthusiastic business owners. His package comes complete with website software, information manuscripts, and viral modules for auto response purposes. Here is the big catch; the whole package costs a whopping $1,497!

Although Mike Filsaime makes his money by presenting a good sales pitch to naively interested entrepreneurs, his material is not really for beginners. You should know some general concepts behind Internet information marketing and be familiar with some of the common terms like "namesqueeze" and "Aweber" before investing in his material; otherwise you might find yourself spending a lot of time looking up definitions.

I was surprised to see how popular his seminars were. The one I attended was sold out and people were actually excited to hear what he had to say! I went there thinking I was going to be the only one, but Mike Filsaime actually has a bit of a following! I think that is because of how popular he has made his name known on search engine results. Some of his information was entertaining but I was not entirely impressed because the root of his message was to just copy what has been done. Somehow I felt wrong spending THAT MUCH money to hear such basic business logic. I guess he is walking proof that marketing is what makes money more than the subject does, because taken out of sales context, who would spend a dime to hear such a no-brainer idea? He marketed it so well that he had a full house!

I was prepared to learn some fresh material once he started talking about Butterfly Marketing but his words were no different than his information package. Mike's seminar was like watching an old rerun and yet I was the only one disappointed! He had the audience in a trance thinking that his idea was new and brilliant!

Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing is made up of information that you can learn from simply web surfing for a few hours. His whole guru existence is based off a concept that can be summed up in one sentence, so why would anyone want to invest money in his material? I have seen how he draws people in, and that is definitely the work of a genius marketer, but what do you gain after paying so much money to hear him? For $1,497 I better be guaranteed a colossal payout on my investment!


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