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More Inc. is a company started by Eileen and T.J. Rohleder in Goessel, Kansas. More Inc. achieves their success by using money-spinning techniques on consumers. They appeal to entrepreneurs looking to educate themselves on famous guru marketing schemes. More Inc. claims to expose and duplicate accomplished marketers' exact processes. This claim grabs enough attention for the company to thrive. The consumers, however, tend to end up dissatisfied.

The Rohleders began More Inc. when they stumbled upon a unique business formula that was being practiced in a company in Chicago. They took the formula and customized it to fit their needs. It worked so well they decided to start their own business by duplicating the formula and selling the procedure information to people seeking moneymaking methods. The Rohleders now sell this modernized information in a CD for $49.00. You should really study their business method before even considering investing with them. I was disappointed to learn exactly how they work. After you pay the initial investment fee they will give you ten websites with ebooks for sale on each site. They tell you to buy the ebooks and then resell this exact process to another person, so no money is lost.

More Inc. got their name known years ago when they sold information through the use of an answering machine. The recorded message got the listener hyped into investing with them. Once the listener's money went through they received the exact answering machine tape and instructions on how to copy the whole procedure. Now More Inc. is using the same business idea but with Internet bulletin boards and ebooks.

My biggest problem with More Inc. is that it seems to be a waste of time. Basically, they teach you how to make money by copycatting exactly how they got a sale from you. This whole system works for them because they try and trap you into investing in further products after your initial investment. If you fall for one of their sales pitches, then they make a profit off of you. If you don't, they loose nothing and you loose time. From the perspective of the consumer, I don't see how the benefits of this system outweigh the time investment. I suggest you avoid wasting your hours on a copycat process.

More Inc. spins your money to always come back to them. They teach you how to make money on the Internet by reselling the same promotion to someone else. Where is the profit? What do you gain? If it is knowledge you seek, consider learning from them by just being a silent observer of their techniques. Don't waste your time and money investing with them.


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