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Have you been toiling for hours on the internet to choose that perfect "direct marketing" scheme that suits your pockets just right and makes a viable effort to assist you in reaching your target consumer base?

Well, you may have been Googling your search terms whole day, to finally get onto one of today's most revered online marketing programs "Passport to Wealth", but be very certain, before you even think of investing your hard earned cash into this scheme. Let's review in a bit more detail a few aspects of the "Passport to Wealth" program from various perspectives.

FEATURES OF "Passport to Wealth":

Having scanned several forums across the internet looking for some positive remarks related to "Passport to Wealth" what I mostly came across were grave remarks from unsatisfied rookies who got tricked into signing up to this program. However before emphasizing upon that let us focus the spotlight upon some of the major features of the "Passport to Wealth" program:

- The Core:

At the very heart of this scheme is the 'developer' himself Mr Darren Gaudry who proclaims to have engineered the entire program from all possible aspects. The offerings on the "Passport To Wealth" program usually range from software goodies to geeky scripts which assist your internet marketing endeavor. As you register, it instantly opens up the avenues associated to this program to powerline your direct marketing scheme.

However while scanning certain discussion forums, I came across gimmicks which I thought I should share, such as Mr Darren was just another guy who got fed up with his internet marketing venture and decided to start something that aptly suits his requirements, thus coming up with "Passport To Wealth". Maybe the same reason why you got too lured to have started reading this review!

- The "Worthy" Passport To Wealth Compensation package:

Having avoided the usage of any hard-lined comments so far in this review, I really cannot overlook the negatives any more! The compensation plan for this program, to be very frank is just silly and certainly NOT worthy!

The Passport to wealth scheme follows a 2-Up system, which means, that you actually have to pass your first 2 sales as a rookie worth almost $2000 ($997x2) to your sponsor. This really makes no sense, in this day and age of competitive marketing. This is the real downfall of the entire system in my honest opinion.

Frankly speaking, after raking in the benefits of the first 2 sales from a rookie, the sponsor will certainly not gain anything more from him, and may decide to target another rookie in the meantime, leaving the previous member high and dry!

Just calm down, and get hold of your nerves and just think about it. With Passport To Wealth you get in as a new affiliate into their system, and the sponsors receive you with open arms! You make the first 2 sales for them and after that they try to overlook your very existence! In such a situation you are most likely feel like a small ship stuck in a storm. You certainly deserve better treatment than this!


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