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Project Payday SpiralboundProject Payday is a business opportunity that does not require you to spend thousands of dollars to get started. According to the founder of this system, there is nothing like it on the internet and is not a pyramid money-making plan. Furthermore, it does not involve multi-level marketing or MLM and has nothing to do with Google Adwords and eBay. If you have already tried all those systems and have not succeeded, this might prove to be a refreshing break from all that frustration. They provide tools to find people who need help and you actually get paid by helping out those people.

Project Payday MultivolumeIt sure is a unique system and you don’t need any kind of expertise to try it out. Since there are no products and marketing involved, you don’t need to set up a website of your own. Moreover, there is no extensive training or coaching required in order to be successful. Project Payday allows you to work anywhere, anytime. Although it does not involve lengthy e-books or training material, it does require you to read a 60-page long report to start using the system. When you become a member you can gain access to their members-only website where your job will start.

Project Payday JewelcaseProject Payday also provides 2 mentors who help you get started and be successful in your money-making efforts. According to the founder, this system is perfect for students who want to earn some money in their free time and for stay-at-home moms who want some extra income. They require a one-time membership fee of $34.95 which is not much provided that you actually start making money right after joining. Like any other online business opportunity, success is not definite but you can try it out to see how it works. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Some people have reported that although it’s an effective system it requires a lot of hard work to start earning. For those who are tired of sitting idle at home and don’t want to start a 9-to-5 job can try it out. They provide two methods of making money online. These methods might not sound very appealing to those who have been working online for some time because they involve signing up for forums and replying to posts. Furthermore, they also need you to follow a referral link posted by someone and fill up a form after clicking on that link.

People usually don’t like filling up forms and inventing fake information online. The forums are provided by Project Payday where all members are also members with PP. They are also known as trading forums. You will need to spend a lot of time online searching for trial offers and doing calculations in order to earn profits from these complicated trades. Although it’s not a scam and people are actually making money through this system, it might not be a very attractive option because it involves too much work. There are many other business opportunities online that may be more costly but they are easier to use and do not require a lot of mind-numbing labor.


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