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Have you ever had that crazy feeling to build up a legitimate business venture from the comfort of your home itself?

Have you thought of making the just application of your spare time in earning that extra cash to get that dream car?

Well, with the ever increasing reach of the World Wide Web you can now make sure that your E-business gets all the attention it deserves. And with web-based business opportunities such as Quixtar, you can certainly dream big to spread your entrepreneurial wings just the way you want to!


The Management gurus at the helm of this innovative Business chain define themselves as:

"Quixtar Inc., a subsidiary of Alticor Inc., is a business opportunity company that offers entrepreneurs the ability to have a web-based business of their own. Through the Quixtar Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan, individuals are rewarded for product sales resulting from their business-building efforts."


With so many scams clouding the legitimacy of any business based on the World Wide Web, it is certainly viable for any entrepreneur to question the authenticity of web-based business chains such as Quixtar, before diving in with optimal dedication and prime focus.

So is Quixtar really a scam?

To be very frank, there will always be certain negative aspects which are often magnified by some. But as a whole how can one really question the legitimacy of a business scheme that has raked in over $6.8 Billion in sales last year, with over $2.2 Billion being paid as incentives and bonuses!

The numbers do the talking for themselves.


- Referral System:

The Quixtar business model is much alike Amway Global's business model, the only difference being that, it utilizes the in-depth reach of the internet in an unconventional style to reach potential consumer base. In North America, one can join the Quixtar chain only by means of accepting the referral of an existing member of the Quixtar chain, known as an Independent Business Owner (IBO).

- Commission System:

What happens in this sort of a business model is that your referrer will get a percentage profit share or a commission from base price of the products you purchase from Quixtar. In similar fashion you will also earn a commission from the products that are being purchased by all the IBOs in your down line. In accordance to the Quixstar mantra, the commission you may earn depends solely on the IBO level you may achieve within the company business structure. Hence, we may safely say, that the more IBOs you may recruit in your down line, the better are your prospects of getting a higher commission.

In spite of several down turns and disadvantages related to the restrictions associated to the marketing strategies you need to follow, the Quixtar model certainly works not only because it offers you something new to discover but also as it lets you earn solely on the basis of the effort you decide to invest for the betterment of everyone associated.


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