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Referralware is an online business that has success in convincing people that they will become rich by recruiting members to sign up for the membership. Unlike most pyramid schemes, Referralware represents three separate companies on one website. They claim you will make three times more money working with them as you would with any other business system because the potential is greater.

I believed their logic and tried them as a home business. Now, I totally regret ever signing up with them! Their membership page was packed with helpful information, so I assumed the rest of their site would be too. I paid the $19.00 to sign up and was immediately disappointed. Unfortunately, all the pages after joining were sales and I suddenly realized that more money was required to even get started.

Still, Referralware kept my interest by giving me bonuses for joining. They told me I could cash the bonuses in anytime or use them after I pass the next phase of fees. I should have cashed them in right that second but I pursued the business anyway! Referralware made it obvious that the only way I could make money was by joining the 3 companies because that way I would have the maximum potential for income. I assumed that is what I was doing when I paid the $19.00 but apparently not. I decided to join just one of them to try it out.

Once again I had to pay a membership fee to this new company. That means I was getting two withdraws deducted from my bank account every month instead of just one! After I thought I would finally be able to test the business methods promised by joining that one company, I was pressured into joining the second. I was led to believe I had to follow their instructions before anything would happen. Before I knew it, I was paying for all three companies, as well as the $19.00 Referralware initially charged me to join. In one month I had spent over $400 on their various fees!

Referralware promised me a list of "guaranteed leads" that I could recruit into joining by using me as their referral. For every member that I recruited, I would get paid out forever. The fact that I didn't have to generate my own leads seemed perfect, until I found that Referralware was charging me $130.00 for 50 leads! The worst part was that I had to CALL those poor people and beg them into joining! I am a really bad at pressuring people so of course nobody bit my bait and I was out all of that investment money! They never told me before joining that I had to be a telemarketer to make my money back! The contact information that was sold to me must have been from interested people who submitted their information to inquire about Referralware. It seems unethical to sell their contact information. If they didn't sign up when they were inquiring, why would they now? I felt like I was harassing people.

I strongly suggest that you don't sign up for Referralware. I especially urge you not to submit your information on their site in case it gets sold to its members. 


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