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The Reverse Funnel System or RFS is an online money-making system developed by Ty Coughlin and the Inner Circle. According to this scheme you only have to join the automated system and start making money without having to call people or attract them to buy your product. As such RFS is supposed to be a fully automated system in which you only have to invest once and then enjoy the unlimited bounties. Although it does sound unique and promising, the system has not received many positive reviews. It requires an investment of $2900 which is quite a lot for those who are still working hard to succeed on the internet.

But that’s not the only reason why the users of Reverse Funnel System don’t like it very much. RFS is basically a pyramid money-making plan which is the opposite of other popular online business opportunities. That is why the name “Reverse”. When you become a member you will be selling vacation time through Global Resorts Network or GRN. Although GRN has gained widespread popularity since its inception, there are other ways to use it without having to rely on RFS. The founders of RFS claim that you can make at least $1000 commission per sale through this system.

However, your first sale will not earn you anything. Through this sale you qualify to earn 100% commissions on all your subsequent sales. You may succeed in selling vacations to people from across the globe but real money can only be made through the sale of Reverse Funnel System. Yes, that’s right. In order to make money you will need to convince people to dump their hard-earned $2900 into this system only to attract more innocent people to this game. The only people who benefit from this pyramid are the founders. Some people say they are using the name of GRN only to make their business legitimate, otherwise such a reverse money-making system is illegal.

In addition to the $2900 investment and $50 joining fee, you also have to pay $300 monthly administration fee. Even after investing so much you may not make even a dime during your first few months. As a result of the frustration the members start using their own advertising campaigns which cost hundreds of dollars. Why not spend the same amount on a new and innovative business idea of your own, instead of throwing your money into the mouths of the hungry lions?

It is therefore advisable to avoid such online business opportunities because there are so many pitfalls involved. Moreover, if you really want to be a part of Global Resorts Network, you can do that through their own system which offers many other benefits in addition to an opportunity to sell their membership to people who visit your site. It’s a much better way to generate a constant stream of income because you know you are actually selling a product and not a business opportunity.

The Reverse Funnel System might be a lucrative business opportunity, but only for those who have invented it, in other words, the people at the top of the pyramid.


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