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Roadmap To Riches

Roadmap To Riches or R2R is a 2-up online money-making program which offers a line of products and marketing training to help you get on the road to riches. According to them most people fail in their attempt to generate money on the internet because they don’t know how to market the products effectively. Because of this reason Roadmap to Riches offers a unique way of building your own list of prospects and succeed on the internet. They provide three main things in their package: promotional tools and channels for effective advertising, training and support for marketing, and a chance to put all the training into action.

According to Roadmap To Riches, this program is not like MLM and if we compare it to one of the multi-level marketing systems we find that with R2R, if you introduce one new member you can earn up to $999 and with any other MLM program you earn only up to $22.40. However, you will need to pass up your first two sales to your sponsor as qualifying sales and to receive 100% commission on all subsequent sales. This way you can multiply your income sources by introducing more members and forming a team. But you require $999 to purchase the product yourself and only after that can you start building your list of prospects.

The products offered by Roadmap To Riches consist of personal development e-books and audio products. According to some people passing up sales is not a good feature because if you have just started your online business it will be very difficult to attract people and you will have to spend thousands of dollars on marketing. So, what’s the use? You may consider writing a couple of e-books yourself and then selling them on the internet the way you prefer. Furthermore, the program requires a monthly fee of $49.95 which is for the hosting and administration of your pages that consist of a promotional movie to help you sell out their products.

Online money-making programs like Roadmap to Riches may attract newbies but they are not as lucrative as claimed by their owners. By having your own digital products you can also earn 100% commissions, you won’t have to pay any startup fees and you won’t have to give up your first two sales. R2R offers personal development products on popular topics like anxiety, depression, insomnia, anger management, marriage, happiness, motivation and weight loss. Although many people search for information on these topics but it is also a fact that thousands of websites are offering this information for free. So, why would anyone want to pay $999 for your products?

Remember that to be successful in any business, offline or online, you need to come up with a unique plan. Programs like Roadmap To Riches are only useful to those who introduce them. People like us spend thousands to help them sell their products. If you dig deeper you will find out that starting your own internet business is not very difficult, neither is buying a domain name and hosting package. So, stop spending money on systems that don’t work, and start doing something productive.


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