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You may know Robert Allen as one of the original "No Money Down" guys who said he could buy real estate anywhere in the country within 48 hours for nothing down.

The first time I heard his sales pitch I got sucked in. That is back when the idea was new to me, before the flaws in the system were brought to light.

Now I just see Robert Allen as a guy who did some excellent marketing in the beginning of his career and was successful in creating a well-known name for himself. He still uses that popularity to lour eager minds into investing in whatever new scheme he is currently working on. He has tried many different topics of interest for people (including vitamins) without always having credibility beyond his famous name.

First of all, Robert Allen exercises spam advertisements. Once I showed interest in buying Roberts products, he flooded my email with junk and even went so far as to sell my information to a directory of other businesses for his own profit.

Robert uses a ruthless telemarketing team that is very high pressure and masterful at convincing you to sell your soul. They actually asked me to BORROW MONEY FROM MY FRIENDS if I didn't currently have enough to buy his seminar! Robert's telemarketing team is impressive in their persuasion; so don't allow yourself to hear more than five words before hanging up. I am not the only account of someone falling for Robert Allen's promises and getting further manipulated into more fruitless investments.

When I was investing with him he had a seminar company that promised a money back guarantee that was impossible to retrieve. I tried to take advantage of this guarantee because I was able to see his material was devoid of substance. He claimed he was not able to pay me back unless I had a written proof of my documented effort to utilize his advice. As soon as I was able to develop the proof, I had apparently "missed" the specified time limit of retrieving my money back. He made it impossible to retrieve in terms of time. I still have yet to find someone who has been refunded! As more and more people were asking for refunds Robert decided to file bankruptcy for his seminar company so he never had to pay them back. Too me, that is shady business.

Robert Allen's seminars and material on real estate are in assumption that the local economy surrounding the newly purchased house is not going through a recession. The house may be bought at a great value, but if there is a recession his entire amount of information is useless. I brought this up to him in that horrible seminar I attended and he circumvented the answer. He never addressed opposing scenarios and avoided allowing anyone to challenge his methods. Also, a lot of other people were upset that most of Robert's advice only applied to Los Angeles County and the State of California.

Robert Allen practices questionable business ethics, and if you invest with him you could be paying money to get disappointed. I got in over my head with his telemarketing team and lost a lot of money!


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