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Russ Dalbey sells you a dream and delivers you confusion, wasted time, and a headache! His face has famously been displayed on multiple infomercials that promise you a fortune! He does a great job of luring you into believing his note flipping business will win you riches.

Promissory notes are similar to a loan in the form of an IOU. Companies use them to raise money. Investors agree to loan money to the company for a set period of time if the company assures the investor they will pay back a fixed return on his or her investment. Typically the return is the principal plus an annual interest.

Russ Dalbey convinces people that it is possible to become instantly rich from note flipping. He encourages you to become a note investor. He calls this his Winning Cash Flow Business and emphasizes how profitable it is after you sign up.

After buying Russ Dalbey's mentoring program I discovered Russ's material was artificial and difficult to understand. It cost me three payments of $39.95 ($120) to get started and receive his mess of jumbled information. I got 3 CDs filled with actors' tutorials and no solid advice. I also obtained Russ's book crammed with too many words about nothing, and a low quality video that basically replayed the infomercial.

The most annoying part was that I had to go out and find people who already had these notes AND find investors willing to turn them into cash! Do you know how HARD it is to make these connections? Notes tend to be used in uncommon circumstances like lottery payments, settlement payments, private mortgages, and extra-related events. Russ made it sound so easy. He even said, "Just find someone who wants cash instead of a Cash Flow Note. After you find someone who wants cash just fill out a one-page form on my Free Note Network Listing Service where DOZENS of investors can look at your note." As if people were just lining up to blindly pour cash into a note posted by a stranger!

After I actually found my first note (months later) I become even more upset to learn how much more money I needed to invest in order to get the tools to flip it! Good thing this Winning Cash Flow Business was not my only source of income. Russ's lies were a ploy to get more money out of me! Now I keep receiving calls and emails saying I am being offered a special Rapid Results Program if I just pay an extra $2,000-$5,000. I basically feel like I paid to get onto a "Sucker" list and I am being flooded with extensions of the same SCAM!

Russ Dalbey's note flipping business makes him money by taking all of yours. I strongly advise avoiding him completely and ignoring his commercials. Russ Dalbey is an infomercial scam artist!


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