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SEO Elite Software PhotoWithout proper search engine optimization your website can never get listed into the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Google provides a tool for seeing how your site is performing in their search results and also gives some tips on how to build ‘Google-friendly’ sites. There are now countless tools and software offered by SEO experts that help in building search engine friendly websites. SEO Elite is one such software that comes with all the features you need to make your site rank high in Google and other popular search engines. The software has been developed by Brad Callen, the same person who offers an excellent keyword selection tool by the name of Keyword Elite.

SEO Elite is loaded with 8 useful features and tools (also known as project types) including;

  • Analyze High Ranking Websites
  • Get Massive Links
  • Advanced Google Analysis
  • Monitor Link Partners
  • Monitor Website Ranking
  • Analyze Search Engine Saturation
  • Get Authority Links
  • Submit Your Articles    

If you want to try it out before buying it, no problem. Brad offers a 7-day trial version of the software which most other SEO experts hesitate to offer. Not only fully-functional software but you also receive a 7-day search engine optimization course to improve the design of your site step-by-step according to SEO tips and tricks. 

SEO Elite provides a way to analyze the linking strategy of your competitors. Basically you evaluate backlinks for a particular website using one of the search engines. You get results in the form of URLs where the link is located along with its page rank, Alexa traffic ranking and some other parameters of the webpage. In addition to this, you also get to know the total number of inbound as well as outbound links on that page. Your analysis doesn’t stop here. You can also view the number of times a specific keyword appears in title, anchor text, and body text of the page that links to the website you are analyzing. 

By using this fantastic tool you can find relevant links to your site by either entering the main keyword of your site or by entering one of your competitors’ website addresses. You can make changes in your site side by side according to the results you get and then check back later if your ranking has improved. You can also check where you rank for a particular keyword in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alltheweb, and Altavista. In addition to this, you can find out which of your partners are linking back to you by using this tool. 

Proper linking to high page rank sites determines the rank of your own site and this is what SEO Elite is all about. You may find it difficult to use at first but help is available for each of its project types which explains everything in detail. Overall this software is truly effective for driving more traffic to your site and boosting your sales, if you know what you are doing.  

SEO Elite is available for a meager fee of $167 which is a one-time cost for such an effective and useful tool. Time to improve your search engine rankings!


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