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Shawn Casey has been dubbed as a master marketer, who has developed proficient strategies to guide you along the pathway to glory in terms of long-term internet marketing success. Frankly speaking, most web pages I could get to via Google, boasted of this 'Great' book from Shawn Casey "Mining Gold on the Internet", and how it can assist you in getting your strategies right to churn out great profit margins.

But where are all those honest reviews, which are not supposed to make a sales pitch of this new book?

It really turns me red, to see online marketers, promising a lot, whilst trying to push off their products onto you. If they are so proficient, why have they got so many affiliates engaged in trying to sell you the same thing which have no proven track record except blank promises and fake testimonials from 'satisfied customers' ,which get postered on their landing pages even before the actual product is even launched! How convenient!

I may be a bit too critical of Shawn Casey, but a bit of thorough investigation landed me no where when it comes to satisfaction in terms of consumer authority from persons who actually exist!

So rather than being over critical, let us take a brief tour of the avid internet marketing guru Shawn Casey's portfolio.


Shawn Casey is a self-made millionaire who leads the Group at SFI, who has made a thorough attempt to guide start up business entrepreneurs to envision their web-based business strategies, by means of his book "Mining Gold on the Internet". This has been a consistent best seller at SFI.


Before investing your hard earned cash on this particular offering, let us promptly focus the spotlight on the various features of the book itself, which should assist you in making a viable decision.

  • Very easy to comprehend in terms of linguistic sensuousness
  • In depth analysis of several aspects of internet marketing strategies
  • The valuation in terms of profitability, which has been promised, is certainly stunning, and this is where questions come up in terms of product viability
  • In his book Shawn promises great earnings, with may have put too much emphasis on what joint ventures can do for you and even welcomes the consumers to enter into a joint business venture with him. The confidence running through his veins is great, but a seasoned professional will never bite such comments. Rather he will wait for the small fishes to take the bite, and wait to watch where the stream is flowing

So in my honest opinion, you should wait and watch, if Shawn Casey's current offerings are really worthy in terms of market volatility and long-term sustained viability. Before jumping on the pimp wagon, make each of your pennies worth, as unless you understand the valuation of your money, you may never taste the fruits of success as a super internet marketer.


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