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Shortcuts To Internet Millions

Shortcuts to Internet Millions is an information package that was created by Jeff Paul to convince consumers that they can make multimillions online if they just invest in his program and follow his advice.

Truthfully, Shortcuts to Internet Millions is just another get-rich-quick scheme that the producer uses to make money off peoples' gullibility. The only person who will profit from this system is Jeff Paul.

Shortcuts to Internet Millions is said to be a home based turnkey business opportunity. The "initial" material cost $54.95 and consists of nothing educational, just a phone number for you to call. The number is to Jeff Paul's employees who are paid to sell you additional material while convincing you how essential the material is to assist your new business endeavors. Some of the products they try to upsell you cost in the thousands.

Shortcuts to Internet Millions supposedly will make your initial investment money back within 3-6 months. The salesmen during your first phone call will extend on that claim by saying you need to set up a merchant account to achieve your money. Let me warn you; those salesmen are really good at getting you into agreeing for whatever they are talking about because they always make up some believable excuse on why you need to hurry to do what they say. The urgency pressure tactic makes it exceptionally hard to say "no!" Once your merchant account is up and running it is impossible to cancel. When you try to cancel they ignore your request and just send you late notices and fees for delinquency.

Shortcuts to Internet Millions is all about setting up ten simultaneous businesses online for multiple streams of income. The idea is brilliant and very appealing but Jeff Paul makes it impossible to get anywhere without raping your wallet in the meantime.

I am very much against investing with Shortcuts to Internet Millions mainly because Jeff Paul does not have the best reputation with the Better Business Bureau. If you spend money on Shortcuts to Internet Millions be prepared to receive material that is not even usable until you continue pouring your cash into Jeff Paul's pocket.

Why work so hard for money? Shortcuts to Internet Millions may not take a lot of physical work to get started but you will definitely have to be on the phone a lot making purchases to compliment your first purchase.


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