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The Rich Jerk

The Rich Jerk sells information on achieving instant success by working with affiliates and doing pay-per-click.

The Rich Jerk's real name is Kelly Felix. He lives in San Diego, CA. The Rich Jerk was an aspiring actor who has been on shows like "7th Heaven" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Apparently, The Rich Jerk's talent wasn't accepted by the mainstream to where he was able to make a fulltime gig out of it. Now he has become the legendary Rich Jerk who boosts about how he makes money online while the rest of the corporate slaves labor their lives away. The Rich Jerk has an arrogant tone and likes to market himself by "showing off" at how smart he is and how easy his methods are. He talks to his listeners and readers like they have been raised as simple sheep. He thinks the average person does not work to make money in inventive ways and he claims to be the best person to learn from because he is an exception to the norm. He promotes the use of the Internet for income and reveals his unusual tactics of achievement.

His marketing strategy is unique and for the most part I enjoyed reading his tone, although some people find him offensive. His book taught me how to create a list of email subscribers, how to send them info automatically, how to create my own ebook in 2 days, how to get affiliates to sell my book online, and how to formulate my own ebay powerseller business.

My biggest intrigue with The Rich Jerk is how he got his name so famous so fast. He set up an account on eBay and sold his ClickBank affiliate site for $379,000.00! According to the details displayed in the auction, the site had made over $500,000 of profit since inception, and over $1,000,000 of ClickBank sales. At its peak, The Rich Jerk's website put over $55,000.00 in profits into the bank each day for 30 days. Skeptical people didn't bid, but brave entrepreneurs took a blind dive with a stranger and actually had a neck-to-neck biding war to see who would win his site. The Rich Jerk accepted the final bid of $379,000.00, which is not a lot considering how much the site was making. The funniest part was the content of the site contained a simple collection of short reviews about various ClickBank affiliate programs. The intrigue about how this Rich Jerk began and suddenly his name was known.

I admire The Rich Jerk's work and think he provides useful advice. He is entertaining and helpful. The Rich Jerk's book is well written. It covers a vast range of topics and teaches you how to put each of them into action.


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