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If you are a beginner at marketing and alien to Internet navigation, then Tom Antion might benefit you. He is most widely known for his media marketing skills and well-positioned websites.

Aside from giving over 2,100 paid "how-to" presentations, he offers a one-on-one mentoring adventure through his Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center, which invites people to study and live with him. This out-of-the-norm strategy has gotten Tom Antion's name widely recognized in the world of media marketing. Tom mentors people how to conduct educational seminars by mastering their presentation skills and becoming expert public speakers. His method of personal mentoring makes people feel like they are getting customized marketing responses for their money. The minimum cost to work with him is $5,000 and he takes a portion of the sales you earn while studying under him in the retreat.

I think Tom Anion's retreat idea is mainly used to build a solid reputation and get his name famously recognized but his real money comes from his affiliate program. Tom pays his affiliate sites 50% commission to put endorsement links back to his site. This kind of incentive has his name saturating the web. Once on his site, he gets paid through pay-per click advertisements, and earns money every time someone buys his additional products.

Tom Antion's most famous work The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing is written for Internet newbies and has only a few creative marketing tips throughout the whole thing. In my opinion the whole book could be summed up in a few sentences. It is filled with simplistic advice and the bulk of it tries to sell the reader more of his products. He uses all of his materials to recruit more affiliates. Some of the web addresses Tom mentions aren't even active anymore. Basically, it is a 294-page self-advertisement and unless you have been living in a dingy in the ocean for the last 5 years, Tom's rudimentary information about working online will put you to sleep.

Tom Antion targets the extreme beginner. If this is you and you want to learn from him then please consider investing in his seminars rather than his written works. At least his seminars use humor to keep you awake. His writing is far too novice for the average person and is packed with personal advertisements. If you are even the least bit skilled in marketing and Internet navigation already, then do no waste your time or money with either one.


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