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Ty Hall is the CEO of the Hall Group Inc., which specializes in Internet and mail order software.He uses direct marketing to sell his developed software. Ty actually gets people to pay him to become a salesman of his software. He does this by selling home-study courses that are designed to teach interested people how to snag a sale with his "autopilot" software. Ty appeals to these marketers by offering them a commission on each successful sale that they recruited. He convinces people of the income potential he his offering them by sharing his own success stories of his 8 years in Internet marketing. I have yet to hear of one person who has actually become rich working with Ty Hall.

Power Check is his most famous work. This program allows you to print electronically collected checks and the deposit them. A person does not need to be present to write their signature. This eliminates the need for a check to be mailed, thus time is saved. Power Check made Ty Hall $61,944/ month in its first year of existence. Soon after, people started to find flaws in the system. The bank would reject about one in every three checks because special magnetic toner is required for authenticity. If the checks were printed out using normal toner the bank would assume it was a fraudulent check. The hassle in redoing a check can take time and cause irritation.

I see how Power Check was a great idea at the time but presently I think it is outdated and not worth purchasing or selling. Now there are better systems of doing online payment, electronic checks, and money transfer. PayPal is the most widely known program because they accept both electronic checks and credit cards. Most businesses have switched to PayPal.

I strongly suggest you avoid becoming a member of Ty Hall's direct marketing team. Not only is the Power Check old news, but also the possibility of getting rich through Ty's sales methods is absurdly minimal! His study course is around $49.99 and all he gives you is a PIN number and instructions on how to mail out postcards selling his software. The idea is for you to sit at home all day developing junk mail for people who are not necessarily interested. You can receive his free suggested list of addresses but other "dealers" like you have sent those people the same junk mail for years. If they never signed up with one of them, why would they change their mind with you? Less than 30% of the postcards get a response and that response is directly to the Hall Group Inc. You never know if they are going to mention your PIN number during sign up or not. If they don't, you don't get your commission and you have worked for nothing. Who's to say the Hall Group Inc. is going to be honorable every time and actually grant you your cut? There is too much chance involved for me to like Ty Halls direct marketing approach.


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