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Wealth Masters International is another one of the online pyramid money-making systems in which the commissions are shared between actual sellers, team members and the founders of the system. They offer three products to achieve health, wealth and wisdom. These products are named as M1 (Masters Program). M2 (Wealth Conference), and M3 (Private Wealth Group). M1 provides guidance on how to secure your financial future and costs around $2,000, M2 offers expert leadership and supervision to grow your online business and become financially independent, and M3 teaches you the true purpose and results of your efforts and it costs around $13,000.

It’s difficult to understand the complicated products offered by Wealth Masters International and at first glance you really don’t get enough information on how you will be making money through this system. You can join their team either as a consultant or as a member. They also offer three variations on their basic membership packages. These include Gateway Program, Platinum Program, and Platinum Plus Program. The Platinum Plus Program is a combination of all the three courses and is priced at $19,995 with 10% discount. You make money through multi-level marketing by attracting people to buy these products.

There is no doubt the system has been carefully planned and presented, but a major drawback is that all the products offered by Wealth Masters International are way too expensive. If you really want to be a part of a multi-level marketing campaign, why not work with some inexpensive companies? They do claim that the more you spend, the more commissions you will be earning through your marketing. But what if all your efforts go to waste? It’s difficult to convince people to buy products priced that high that are nothing more than training courses. As a WMI consultant you will be working full-time or part-time to generate money on the internet.

You receive many benefits when you join the WMI team. These include; an opportunity to conduct portable business, constant training and support, multiple streams of income as described in their compensation plan, and no need to hire employees to do the job. They also offer seminars held in different countries around the world to educate you about the effectiveness of multi-level or network marketing. However, everything offered by WMI is quite expensive. Their signature product, known as the Wealth Acceleration Program, requires a monthly subscription fee. In addition to this, you are required to buy all three products to receive your commissions on sale of these products.

The high joining fee and product costs make Wealth Masters International an unattractive program. Their products do offer good information on many financial topics like incorporation, real estate, taxation, and asset protection. But we also know that thousands of websites are now providing information on all these topics totally free of charge. So, you will need to buy the products only to become a member with WMI and to sell them through your marketing campaign. You may spend a lot of time researching on home-based business opportunities like WMI, but the truth is most of them are merely time wasters.


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